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Pre-season sports retreat

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Pre-season sports retreat

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Pre-season sports retreat

Training camps at Falcon Hotel

In the Tuscany-Rompagna Apennines, Sant’Agata Feltria became the leader of the football camps.

Since 1996, when the hotel was built, our building became evident for this unique type of offer. In these years, we have gained extensive experience to answer all the needs of the sports associations, offering a perfect service. In such a calm ambient, full of green, Sant'Agata Feltria is the ideal place to find the right balance between physical training and the psychological one.

4 reasons to choose Sant'Agata Feltria

Altitude and
fresh air

Sant'Agata Feltria is placed 650 meters above the sea level, it’s nor too cold nor too warm, the right compromise for excellent oxygenation. Near Sant'Agata Feltria, there aren’t any factories and polluting industries, and so the air is fresh and healthy.

Proximity to the sports facilities

The sports center is located 100 meters from the hotel, a little descendant and you are already in the camp. The sports center is composed of a beautiful field of natural grass, a second field with artificial turf and a tennis court, immersed in the green of the woods of the chestnuts, pine trees, and ancient oaks.

The gym

Inside our hotel, there is a full Fitness Center, where is placed gym workouts, equipped with 25 isotonic machines and cardio-fitness, all branded "Technogym," a spacious aerobics room for the bodyweight exercises.

The experience is our strong suit

In the last 21 years, the Falcon Hotel has been hosting teams of any kind of sport and category; our experience improved, reaching a certain level of professionalism to answer every type of need.


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