Places to visit in the Montefeltro and the Valmarecchia

Castles, villages, ancient abbeys a magical place to discover

San Leo

One of the "most beautiful villages in Italy." San Leo was a strategically important place for the historical and military events in Italy. Also famous for the famous alchemist Cagliostro.
Distance from Sant'Agata 21 km

San Marino Republic

Its the oldest republic in the world. The Three Fortresses dominate the Romagna coast from Mount Titano. To visit without hesitation: the historical center and the Government Palace.
Distance from Sant'Agata 32 km


One of the most important Renaissance cities in Italy that gave birth to Raphael. UNESCO heritage To visit, indeed, the ducal palace.
Distance from Sant'Agata 62 km


The charming village of Pennabilli is located on the border with the Marche and Tuscany. The historical center is certainly worth a visit, the famous poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra lived there.
Distance from Sant'Agata 12 km

Tevere's sources

Continuing towards the small village of Casteldelci we arrive at the Balze, where are the famous sources of the Tiber, the river that waters Rome.
Distance from Sant'Agata 26 km

Montebello Castle

A splendid castle, which tells the incredible story of a ghost named Azzurrina, is said to wander the meanders of the walls still.
Distance from Sant'Agata 33 km

Perticara Mine

Inaugurated in January 1970, the Historical Mining Museum was born to witness the mining activity of sulfur in the Perticara mine.
Distance from Sant'Agata 7 km

Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park

Continuing the road beyond Pennabilli, you can find the Sasso Simone and Simoncello National Park, a place in contact with nature for trekking and mountain biking. Trekking e nordic walking in Montefeltro
Distance from Sant'Agata 22 km


An ancient Roman city, where the famous playwright Tito Maccio Plauto was born. Sarsina is also remembered for the Basilica of San Vicinio, where rituals and exorcisms are still held today.
Distance from Sant'Agata 12 km

La Verna

The ancient sanctuary of La Verna is undoubtedly famous in the world thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi, who made it the pivotal place of his doctrine.
Distance from Sant'Agata 72 km


More than 4000 years ago the matriarchal Villanovian civilization erected its own walls right here, the vicissitudes of history transformed it into a medieval village full of mysteries and history made famous by Dante in the Divine Comedy.
Distance from Sant'Agata 30 km


The nearest seaside town to Sant'Agata Feltria, famous not only for its well-equipped beaches but also for the many amusement parks on the Riviera.
Distance from Sant'Agata 45 km