Calendar of major events in and around Sant'Agata Feltria

Medieval fest

At Sant'Agata Feltria, in August

In the beautiful setting of Sant'Agata Feltria, the historical-medieval re-enactment of the middle age comes to life, with workshops and games dedicated to the little ones and gastronomic tastings of our territory. Fairy tales, duels, and the inevitable assault on the castle will make you relive the lives and traditions of the past.

National White Truffle Fair

At Sant'Agata Feltria, every Sunday in October

Arrived at the 33rd edition, it’s one of the most significant events that on Sundays in October call several fans of the delicious and intensely scented FINE WHITE TRUFFLE. This year, fascinated by the intense taste of the “Tuber magnatum pico” or simply called “white truffle," thousands of visitors will find all the autumn products that this generous Apennines territory offers. Such as mushrooms, chestnut trees, honey, medical herbs, agricultural and livestock products, and works of local art.

The Christmas Village

At Sant'Agata Feltria, Last Sunday in November and Sundays and bank holidays in December before Christmas.

During December, on the festive days that precede Christmas, it takes place Il Paese del Natale (the Christmas village) at S.Agata Feltria. This event recalls thousands of visitors. It became the winter appointment of the center of Italy for the fans of Christmas markets; it proposes the most original presents and the most refined decorations, involving adults and children in a fascinating atmosphere. Tourists walk the streets and the squares, on the background the traditional sounds of the bagpipes, admiring the nativity crafts, exposed on the most ancient street of Santa Agata Feltria.

Other Events

Sagra della Polenta

September at Perticara

Ambra di Talamello

November at Talamello